Agonising over Socialising

I have a dinner meeting coming up in a high end restaurant, now I’m a burger and fries kinda guy when I eat out. I never try foods I don’t know, just in case I have some sort of reaction to it. The thought of having to be carried out of a restaurant on a stretcher just doesn’t appeal to me, I know that’s a ridiculous thought but hey that’s anxiety for you, always full of blue flashing lights and drama.

My real fear on this occasion is what to order. It’s a business type deal so I won’t be going to my safe burger option and if I order something else that I’m not familiar with how do I know it’s good? Does that sound odd? Well yes I know it is odd but my thinking here is, if I order a fish dish for example, I don’t know what it should taste like. It may taste awful, but maybe it’s supposed to. What if it’s gone off, I won’t know. I could be eating rotten fish and not have a clue! OK that’s extreme. But I do know someone who drank the finger bowl as their starter while on a date. So it’s certainly not unheard of.

It also makes it hard to send anything back, is it cooked? Is it raw? Who knows? Does gazpacho come with bread? Can it be heated up in a microwave? Oh maybe I should just pretend I’m sick!


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