The human signpost

Is there really a need for the guys who sit at the side of the road holding the signs telling us the leather sofa place has a sale on anymore?

With today’s technology it seems like it shouldn’t need to happen. And who’s reading this sign and then rushing to buy a bargain sofa anyway?

As soon as I reckon I have this figured out as being a stupid idea (I mean really couldn’t they just bash the sign into the ground or tie it to a tree or something?) I think that there’s no way a company who can offer such great discounts would pay a guy to be a human signpost unless it brought in revenue. Right?

So the only explanation is that we’re all to blame for this poor guy sitting out in the cold and rain, we’re the idiots still responding to this out of date advertising practice.

The sofa guys don’t want to do this! They’re probably worried sick every day for the guy down the road with his little sign and old deck chair with very poor back support. They most likely  have to send down a constant stream of refreshments so he can make it through the day. They don’t want to do this anymore.

But they have to do it. They have to send the guy out there everyday because of us and our discount lounge furniture needs.

Stop obeying the human signpost. Give a guy some dignity.


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