Over thinker: The Haircut.

The other day while having a shave I noticed my hair was at its most perfect. Or perfect for me anyway. It’s been about three weeks since my last cut, which means I’m going to be due my next in about a week or so. This got me thinking about how long a haicut lasts.

After some concerns about the junk that fills my head I proceeded to break it down into some kind of timeline.

I figured that for every haircut you spend the first week getting a bit of growth to get over that ‘just cut’ look. The next week it’s just starting to get somewhat manageable. Coming into the the third week it’s starting to look good. By the end of the third week it’s looking awesome, its like hair nirvana, you’re thinking this is so good wouldn’t it be great if there was a pill that would just keep it like this.

The fourth week it’s coming off its peak, you think you can use an extra bit of gel or just dampen to make it look respectable. But its all in vain, from three or four days into that week it’s beyond your skill level. You need to reset the timeline with a trip to the barber.

According to my calculations you only get one good looking hair week for every haircut. That’s not great value now is it?


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