The best post you’ll ever not write

I’m impressed by people who write a blog post to de-pollute their mind so they can write their best material for a show, an article or whatever. For me, this is my best. My pollution is my best. My random thoughts are my best. And my random thoughts aren’t even comprehensible. I don’t understand them. So why do I bother?

I’m not sure why I bother really. I try to give myself goals when it comes to things like a blog, but I end up making the goals so unachievable that they become a chore and rather than sit down and just muddle through, I do this total avoidance thing. Its all or nothing.

Just look at what I’ve written, I’m spewing out whats on my mind now in an attempt to clear it. It does feel freeing right now. Will it work? Probably not.

Now I’m sitting here thinking how will I end this post.

Well this is it! This is the end. No fade out, no answers, no point made, no lesson to be learnt.


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