The closer they get the more likely they are to take advantage

I’m following the Adam Clayton case on a daily basis, I find it intriguing that someone could get so close to someone and yet seemingly know nothing about them. In this case Adams former P.A. is accused of stealing as much as 3 million euro over a period of four years. Forensic accountants have already shown that the lady in question spent large amounts of money from her personal bank accounts and credit cards at a time when she and her husband were earning €48,000 jointly.

According to evidence found by these accountants and Gardai she was spending hundreds of thousands on all kinds of luxuries, such as an apartment in New York costing 350,602, also at the time she is said to have owned 22 race horses. You can’t do that on a household income of less than a grand a week.

One of my questions is simple, did Adam Clayton not see her change in any way? Even a little money can change people in some way, most people would wear better clothes for instance, or indulge in some new jewellery or other personal gifts. This lady was his housekeeper until one day, obviously earning his respect and trust, became his closest confidant. She was given the power over his bank accounts and obviously charged with everything from paying his bills to making sure his car was running, she would have been the one who made sure he had all his priorities right before he stepped outside the door. Every part of his life big or small would have been affected by this person. So for two people who were so close, or as close as you can get to someone in that position, how did it go on for so long?

The case is still continuing and I can’t wait to hear the explanations for the spending of all that cash.




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